Christmas trees affected, but still looking good, after this summer's drought

FORT OSAGE, Mo. - With more that 15,000 trees, you would think picking the perfect Christmas tree would be a snap.

But Vanessa Pearl of Fort Osage says that's just not the case.

"We found so many ones that were perfect, then we'd be like there's a bare spot on the very top, or there's a bare spot on this side," she explained.

A few flaws should be expected after this summer's drought. But it could be worse.

Bob Luke owns Osage Christmas Tree Farm. He says the high heat and record drought took their toll on the newly-planted trees, but there's still good news.

"We have thousands and thousands of scotch pines this year between ... six and sevens and some eights (feet), basically those are seven dollars a foot," he said. That's the same price he's had for the past five years.

He also has some fresh Frasier firs from Michigan for people who want a more exotic tree.

Even though he has 20-acres of trees, Luke says he never gets tired of them.

"I hate to see the season end. I love to get 'em up, and I love to get 'em decorated," he said. "I wish we could keep 'em up all year round."

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