Wald Fireworks to light up the sky during the Plaza Lighting Ceremony on Thanksgiving

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If Santa Clause had elves for Thanksgiving, they'd work in Greenwood, Mo., at Wald & Co. All American Display Fireworks.

But Daryl Marmon and Steven Whitt don't build toys or trinkets -- they build fireworks displays.

All of Kansas City will get the chance to see their work in person or on television on Thanksgiving. They have pieced together and choreographed the pair of shows that will light up the sky Thursday night as part of the Plaza Lighting Ceremony.

There will be 678 shots fired in less than four minutes.

Both Marmon and Whitt know that kind of sparkle comes at a high price.

"We don't have a turkey on Thanksgiving," Marmon laughed.

It's worth it, for these pyro-experts, especially this year with the stage in a new location .

"I think more people on the plaza are actually going to be able to have a better view and have more opportunity to be closer to (the fireworks)," Marmon said.

The Wald family opened first began its fireworks company 89 years ago. For more than a decade, they've ended the Plaza Lighting Ceremony with a bang.

"It's kind of stressful until it goes off because you've got everybody looking at you," explained Charles Wald, company president. His grandfather founded Wald's Fireworks.

"Once you start seeing them go off and seeing the people's reaction, with a flood of people on the Plaza, just looking at the hotel or where ever they might be: their reaction is unreal," he said.

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