Gift ideas to honor spouses on Mother's Day

Honoring a significant other on Mother’s Day can be tough.

Some gifts might not quite hit the spot for the women who kiss all of the boo-boos, stand up to the bullies and, most importantly — may have endured labor.

Somehow photos of fawning children, mixtapes and flowers don’t seem sufficient.

Giving gifts doesn’t necessarily mean jeopardizing the mortgage payment to help a woman feel appreciated on her special day. Here are some tips to make Mother’s Day memorable (in a good way) without compromising your financial future.

Write a letter

This may sound sappy, but writing down specific moments where you appreciated her for stepping up for the betterment of your child or children is just a nice thing to do from time to time.

Remember the times she let you sleep while little Johnny had a nightmare even though she had to wake up for work at the same time as you? Or the planning and preparation she did to make sure your daughter had the perfect birthday? Or the sacrifices she has made to achieve the perfect work-life balance?

Picking specific memories as opposed to generic Hallmark statements will let your partner know you take notice of the wonders she performs.

Mother’s Day is designed to honor moms. Writing a letter is not the worst way to start (and it’s relatively free).

Make a meal

Even the worst cook can find a few recipes online at places like the Food Network.

Use Google for more than fantasy baseball lineups and plan a meal as simple or elegant as you desire. Just make sure she has at least a general interest in the types of food you try to prepare.

Already the cook in the family? Prepare the meal with your children. Your kids get to feel as if they are taking part, and Mommy gets some down time for relaxation.

If you choose to make this option part of your holiday plan, make sure to clean the dishes. It’s not a gift if it requires later payment.

Create a homemade movie

Your lady probably loves seeing her child or children perform, so get creative (or simple) and film your adorable child saying “Happy Mother’s Day” or other messages of love.

You don’t have to be elaborate, and you don’t need to make your child a YouTube sensation, you just need to please an audience of one.

Celebrate throughout the year

A certain expectation comes with Mother’s Day, but moms need a break more than one time per year.

Set aside a date (or multiple dates) throughout the year where you let her do what she wants. Had a busy week? Take the kids to the park while she gets a chance to stay at home and read a book, watch a show she enjoys or heaven forbid, take a nap.

Make cards with your children on unexpected days just to say, “I love you.”

Sure, she would probably prefer (and deserves) this or a trip here, but giving the knowledge she is loved and appreciated does not have to cost a dime, and the feeling of love and appreciation is worth more than any purchased gift.

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