'Hunting Santa' holiday display with bleeding deer draws attention to Missouri community

All over the country, people are breaking out their holiday decorations in honor of the season.  Some displays in Missouri are turning heads.

In Jefferson County, just south of St. Louis, you can see a sand sculpture of the Grinch and a snowman with a shotgun.  And just down the road, you'll find a deer hanging by its feet with Santa holding the rope.

The homeowners say Santa, the deer killer, is just right for this neighborhood.

"We've gone for the Griswald effect: the weirder the better," says Stacie Kurtz.  "It's Santa who went hunting because we live in Jefferson County.  We're a hunting a community. You see the real ones hanging from people's garage after they've gotten their big kill of the season. So, what's so wrong about a fake one?"

For the most part, neighbors like the display.

"This man is our Christmas spirit out here," says Jeff Freeman of his neighbor.  "I love it. I love looking out my window every year. It's been going on three or four years now. It's awesome."

But the Kurtz' aren't the only ones getting mixed reactions.  Another homeowner has posed Santa as though he's relieving himself from the rooftop, just one house down from a traditional nativity.

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