Independence family gets Christmas surprise that will help change their lives

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Glenda Simpson and her two sons haven't had the easiest year. Jacob, 17, and Brandon, 11, both have muscular dystrophy and rely on wheelchairs to get around.

"You know I love these boys more than anything," Simpson said. "I mean, they're my world."

They have limited mobility -- and limited money.

"I can't work because I take care of the children full time," Simpson said. "I'm their mom, teacher, full-time care giver, everything."

To make things more difficult, Glenda is a single mother.

"Their father was shot and killed in 2008 … I became a single parent, you know, just like overnight."

Simpson said it has been challenging, especially since their van broke down in August of last year.

"You know they say, 'Mom, I wish we could go to the zoo,' or ‘I wish we could go to the movies. I wish we could go get something to eat.'"

And every time they ask, she has to say no. The only time the boys get out of the house is for their doctors appointments, when their insurance company provides a ride.

But with help of a friend with a familiar red hat, things are about to change. Kansas City's Car Santa got the Simpsons a van of their own.

They didn't waste any time trying out their new ride.

"It's just been so hard to get anything for them," Simpson said. "This just means so much."

After a year of saying no, 2013 will be the year of yes.

To learn more about Kansas City's Car Santa, visit .

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