Meet the family behind the viral photo of ‘Baby Andy Reid'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Local mother Jodi Leeper said she and her husband were thinking of Halloween costumes when her husband came up with the perfect costume — Chiefs' Coach Andy Reid.

The signature Andy Reid mustache was crafted from a stuffed animal's tail.

"We actually cut off the mane of an old toy horse and stuck it onto his binky," Leeper said.

Leeper then got the headset from her nephew's costume and her brother-in-law, an optometrist, gave Graham the glasses.

Leeper said they dressed up baby Graham for a party on Sunday, and by Monday morning, the costume had gained traction on social media.

She said she woke up to text messages from friends saying they saw Graham on various social media sites.

The Leepers moved to Kansas City a year ago and instantly became Chiefs fans. With all the attention the costume is getting, they said they'd love to get a picture of Graham with the real Coach Reid.

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