Plaza shoppers wait 10 hours for Black Friday deals

KANSAS CITY, MO - The national shopping frenzy has begun. It's officially Black Friday.

In Kansas City at the Country Club Plaza, people waited in line for 10 hours at H&M.

The line extended down the street, wrapped around the corner and up dozens of stairs.  

The first 100 people in line were anticipating scratch offs that could've been worth up to $300.

Many people say the deep discounts are worth the wait. After the 83rd Annual Plaza Lighting Ceremony , many people lined up to be the first in line. People brought their warm coats, blankets and chairs to camp out all night in the below-freezing temperatures.

Shoppers say the crowd was friendly and even enjoyable. There was little pushing and shoving. The first shopper in line, Claire Tadokora said the wait was a fun experience.

"Everyone is really nice," she said. "We cover each other's spots. We've gone to the bathroom twice. We've made a lot of friends."

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