#IamJada movement sparks outcry against cyber-bullying

A deeply personal tragedy for one young girl is becoming a rallying cry for women everywhere.

After 16-year-old Jada was sexually assaulted, her attackers posted a photo of her on social media. The image went viral and prompted mocking parodies bearing the hashtag "Jada Pose". The aftermath showed the ugliest side of internet bullying.

"It was just disgusting. Because of how I looked and I was just angry. Very angry, " Jada told the Ronan Farrow Daily Show.

But she's fighting back and fighting mad - using social media to take back her name, her image and her story.

She started a hashtag of her own: #IamJada. The notion has reached Kansas City and people like 21-year-old Khalia Taylor.

"I originally heard about this story via Facebook. I personally know people who have been victims and to see that someone would do that to another person. It kind of made me want to speak out for her,” Taylor said.

Just a quick search of #IamJada, the first picture shows a defiant Jada. She's holding her fist up and a sign with the words, "I AM JADA", written across it.

Women and men have joined in and are taking a stand with her. On Instagram, more than 1,300 hashtag's can be searched on the topic. Some may say it's the power of social media - which is particularly impactful with teens.

Deborah spoke to local Brittany Coleman who wants to see Jada's tragedy become a teaching lesson.

"It gave us an opportunity to stand behind her and lift her up," Coleman said.

Twitter and Instagram have yanked the original #Jadapose pictures.As for the ending to Jada's story - Houston police are still investigating. 

"I want justice and I want them to all go to jail," Jada said.


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