New greenhouse farm means up to a million pounds of fresh produce and new jobs for Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A big announcement Monday will mean dozens of new jobs in Kansas City and up to a million pounds of local produce every year.

A new, 100,000 square foot greenhouse farm will be built by BrightFarms and the Port Authority of Kansas City.

The greenhouse farm, also known as a hydroponic farm, will be in Kansas City along the Missouri River, close to downtown.

BrightFarms says this kind of farming lets them use less land to grow more food.

"Instead of, this is about two and a half acres. It would be between 10 and 30 times as much land," said Paul Lightfoot, CEO of BrightFarms.

The farm is growing the local economy as well.

The new hydroponic farm also means 25 green-collar jobs and dozens more construction jobs.

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