New trend: Botox injections for engagement ring pictures

NBC News - When it comes to getting ready for the big day, for girls, it’s a big deal. And nothing takes center stage quite like that ring on your left hand.

But now instead of just the ‘hey! I’m engaged!’ some women want that picture they post to be even more perfect.

“This usually is done in people with aged hands, however, we’re seeing more and more trend of younger people wanting to do this,” said Dr. Bardia Amirlak, Cosmetic Surgeon.

Thanks to the selfie, hand rejuvenation is taking over brides-to-be.

“Hand lift is when you try to tighten the skin around the hand but a small incision in the part of the hand where it connects to the skin and pull the skin,” Amirlak said.

Dr. Amirlak says other treatments include lasers for unwanted marks, or fillers to make a hand more smooth.

For most young women if they ask, the answer is clear, “I’d probably say no if you want to show off your hand with photographs and wedding rings. I think we all know that can be done with a photo shop.” Amirlak said. “ We all know plastic surgery, although it’s becoming more and more accepted, it should not be used as a fad.”

A hand lift costs between $600 and $1,200 dollars per session, depending on the number of injections.

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