Newsome attempts circus act for Workout Wednesday

MISSION, Kan. - When I was a little girl, I remember going to the circus and being amazed at the beautiful girls swinging so gracefully through the air on swings and ropes high in the air.  I always wanted to give it a try-- so I did.  Sumya Anani is the founder of Learning 2 Fly on Lamar in Mission, Kan. She invited me to her workout and I quickly discovered that a circus career in not in my future.

I walked in and immediately noticed all the bright-colored scarves hanging from the top of the three-story facility.  Several children ages 9, 10 and 11 were there climbing on the scarves and doing spins, splits and leans. They made it look so easy and then I gave it a try.

Sumya started me with an easy manover.  She tied a scarf and had me lean onto it while bending my back to the floor. I was able to lean but I started laughing when she told me to lift my legs into a v-shape while leaning backwards!  I never did lift my legs properly--but I had a great time and I could definitely see the physical benefits of the workout. Climbing, bending and pulling yourself up on the scarves requires tremendous upper body strength.

Learning 2 Fly has several day camps for children. Fitness instructors also offer yoga and classes for women over age 50.  To find out more about the workout click here to visit the Learning 2 Fly website.

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