Newsome meets 101-year-old Kansas City woman

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Harriet Helm, of Kansas City, Mo., is in a class almost by herself. Tuesday, April 8, she turned 101 years old. I was honored to meet her and learn about her personal history and the history of our country that she has witnessed for over 100 years.

"I never thought I would live this long," said Helm. 

Helm still lives alone in an apartment in Kansas City. Her mental health is great and she loves talking on the phone with friends and family. She has a few aches and pains, but she told me that she doesn't let that stop her. 

"I tell people all the time to be calm and listen to people, watch what they do and learn," explained Helm. 

Helen was born April 8, 1913 in Georgetown, Mo. Her family moved to New York City where she spent almost half her life. When she turned 50, Helm returned to Kansas City. She worked at several Macy's stores.

"I feel good and I love people," Helm explained.

Her great niece, Adrienne Johnson, introduced me to Helm.  It was a short visit; but when I left Helm invited me to come back and  posed for a picture with me. I will cherish that picture because it makes me feel like I was touching part of my past and  Helm's advice to be calm is something I will follow. 

She kept saying her hair wasn't fixed right and she didn't look good.  But to me, Harriet Helm is a beautiful lady blessed with long life and still blessing others.  Happy 101st birthday Helen and many more!

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