Newsome tries 'spinning' into action to lose weight

I tried spinning into fitness this week. Nina Phillips, a personal trainer, invited me to her Spin class at Southeast Community Center at 4201 E. 63rd St, in Kansas City, Mo.

Phillips creates a high-energy, friendly environment. When I walked in, she introduced me and had everyone in the class tell me their name. It made me feel welcome and connected with the other 10 people in the class. We were in it together.

When the music started playing, Phillips instructed us to make different moves on the stationary bicycle. We started by sitting and peddling to the fast music. Then she had us stand while we peddled. Finally, she added a move where we stood and bowed forward as we continued peddling.

Phillips said her goal is to keep everyone motivated through the workout so they keep pushing themselves to give their best.

"I'm passionate about inspiring people to be healthy and to want to come back to exercise and reach their goals," said Phillips.

The personal trainer has seen some great results. Some of her clients have been able to lose weight and stop taking their blood pressure medicine because their doctors said they didn't need it anymore.

"It's a rewarding job and I love it," Phillips concluded.

Her spin class is on Mondays and Thursdays at 6 p.m. at Southeast Community Center.

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We're exercising, eating healthy and having fun together.

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