Newsome sways to the music during a Fitness On Demand workout at Southeast Community Center in KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - I tried a workout that's a perfect fit for people with busy, changing schedules. It's offered at Southeast Community Center, 4201 E. 63rd St., and it's called Fitness On-Demand. It's a workout that is ready to start whenever you arrive.

Recreation Director Katherine Sowers, with the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department, was kind enough to join me for the workout and walk me through the process.

It's quite simple. 

I  walked over to a computer kiosk and logged on to see the different type of video workouts that are available.  I selected a belly-dancing workout. A giant video screen in a fitness room automatically opened and the video workout began.

There were probably 50 different workouts I could have selected; everything from high-impact to simple stretching. The best part is that I wasn't in a panic trying to arrive at a specific time. So, I wasn't panicked or in a hurry. It make the workout more enjoyable.

It was a great workout. The Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department will give a free pair of ear buds while supplies last if you go to Southeast Community Fitness Center and try the Fitness On Demand workout.

For more information about Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department, click here.

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