Chain of Hope looks to help animals make it through the late season heat wave

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Sunday was a scorcher, and without air conditioning it could have been dangerous, even deadly.

There are many pets who are left outside on days like this.

Kansas City charity chain of Hope spends these hot days going around to help dogs and other pets chained up outside.

Often time dogs are left in the direct sunlight without water, so the group will bring water and food to these animals.

With the heat index recently in the ‘90s and ‘100s, conditions can be miserable, or even worse, potentially deadly, according to Chain of Hope's director, Kate Quigley.

"They'll get overheated and dehydrated really quickly if they have absolutely no shade and usually dogs that are chained up like that they also have that water issue," she said. "People just chain them in the sun and don't give them water and that's where the dog lives."

If individuals see a dog in distress, the organization wants them to call so they can help out. They also want to remind people how hot surfaces and cars can get in this weather.

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