Couple rescues donkey but needs someone else to adopt her

They got her badly-needed medical attention

RURAL JOHNSON COUNTY, Mo. - Donna Lindahl and Gary St. Dennis couldn't resist when an 11-year-old neighbor asked them to rescue her grandfather's donkey. But the married couple needs someone else to adopt her.

In the spirit of the season, they named her Holly. Before last week, the donkey didn't have a name.

The married couple took Holly in about a week and a half ago, after Lindahl received a text from her 11-year-old neighbor, Paige. The girl was distraught because she knew the donkey was in trouble. Her grandfather was being forced to give it up because he had fallen on hard times.

The animal also needed immediate medical attention to correct a problem with its hooves. While Lindahl and St. Dennis initially said no, the ultimately couldn't resist helping. 

"Right away you go 'OK the poor little feet, the poor little girl,'" Lindahl said. "We've got to do what we can to help her out."

The couple took Holly to a vet to fix her hooves and brought her back to their place near Knob Noster, Mo. But Lindahl and St. Dennis want someone else to give her a permanent home. They are concerned their six large horses could hurt her if she were to stay. 

They said she doesn't need a ton of space -- half an acre will do. Anyone wishing to adopt the eight-year-old donkey can go to for more information.

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