Housewarming party at new HELP Humane no-kill animal shelter

BELTON, Mo. - HELP Humane, located at 17122 Bel Ray Place in Belton, is opening up their new facility to show how no-kill animal shelters can create a real temporary home for homeless animals in their care.

In December of 2012, HELP Humane moved from a smaller building they were renting, which wasn't meeting the needs of the animals in their care, and moved into a much larger building.

"Our new facility is laid out much better for visitors to wander through, visit with the animals available for adoption, it's so homelike, the animals are able to wander through also, most are not caged," shelter director Cyndi Dill said.

Staff and volunteers at HELP Humane say that this new and better shelter meets the dreams of the perfect animal shelter and it's in a prime location in Belton, MO.

The community is welcome at the housewarming party from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., at their facility located at 17122 Bel Ray Place, in Belton, Mo.

HELP Humane relies solely on fundraising and individual donations.

For more information, call Cyndi Dill at 816-318-4357 or 913-710-6827.




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