KCK family says dog was stolen from their front yard

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A Kansas City, Kan., family says their 11-week-old Rottweiler was stolen from their front yard Wednesday afternoon in the 5700 block of Waverly.

The dog's name is Dakota, and her owner Rafael McDaniel said she thinks a young man and woman in a gold van unhooked the dog from her chain and took her.

"I have people worried that they're going to fight her, put her dog fights," McDaniel said. "We're attached to her. She's part of the family."

McDaniel's boyfriend Clay Abernathy bought Dakota from a breeder two weeks ago. He said it's scary to know people would come into his yard in the middle of the day and steal his pup.

"She'd play with you. She'd lay with you," Abernathy said. "Her not being here is like one of the girls not being here, and you don't know when she's coming home."

The owners have been searching their neighborhood, talking to neighbors and posting pleas for help on Facebook.

Anyone who has seen the dog is asked to call police.

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