Residents at odds over pack of stray dogs in southern Kansas City neighborhood

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A few stray dogs have one Kansas City neighborhood at odds over whether the pack is harmless or dangerous.

An animal control spokesperson said the department has received three complaints about these dogs since November, but can't seem to catch the skittish pack.

Local resident Jill West can't believe anyone would complain about these dogs, who have roamed the tree line for years.

"They're not bad dogs," West said through tears. "They're lovable, they're sweet, they just deserve a chance. I just want them rescued, that's all."

West has been fighting to give these dogs a fighting chance on Hickman Mills Drive just south of Red Bridge Road. She said she has tried to work with rescue organizations, but so far none have room for adult dogs who are technically wild.

Animal control officials said they will keep trying to take the dogs to the shelter as a matter of public safety

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