Wayside Waifs rescues dogs in Johnson County, Mo. hoarding case

Shelter: Dogs found shivering in 20 degree temps.

JOHNSON COUNTY, Mo. - Four members of Wayside Waifs' Animal Rescue and Response Team answered a call for help in an animal rescue in rural Johnson County, Mo.

Wayside was contacted by the Missouri Department of Agriculture so the owner of the property could voluntarily surrender eight animals. Five are newborn puppies that can barely open their eyes, according to a statement from the shelter.

The rescue team found them shivering in 20 degree temperatures.

A Rescue and Response Team spokeswoman said more than likely the owner has dogs dumped on his property.

"A lot of times that's where we go," said Trish Stringer of Wayside Waifs. "We go into rural areas and they have numerous dogs. Sometimes they may only have a couple but then people who live in the area say 'Oh, they have dogs and I found this dog,' and they get animals dumped on their property."

The Animal Rescue and Response Team plans another trip to round up more of the animals in the next couple of weeks.

For more information on Wayside Waifs or to find out how you can adopt a pet, visit www.waysidewaifs.org.

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