#Prayersforchuckslittleeyes shows how much the social community of KC cares

What could have been a scary surgery for a 5-year-old KC girl, has turned into an inspiration for others.

The trending topic #Prayersforchuckslittleeyes on Twitter and it shows how supportive the Kansas City Community really is.

Charlie Ann Barrett - or "Chuck" as she's known, is a precocious little girl.

She was born with Amblyopia - a condition that made her see double out of both eyes. So essentially her brain wasn't sending the right signal to her eyes.

Not anymore.

Chuck was going into surgery Thursday afternoon, so popular radio DJ Mark the Overseer from 96.5 the Buzz took to Twitter to get the hashtag  "prayers for chucks little eyes" as a trending topic and it worked!

Chuck has worn an eye patch on and off for years to strengthen eyes. It didn't work. So the surgery was the last resort.

Her parents sent the Now KC  pictures of Chuck at Children's Mercy Hospital.  The doctor said she was all smiles and very tough before she went into surgery - which was around 12:30 Wednesday afternoon.

It lasted about an hour and half and the surgery was a huge success.  It's possible Chuck may have to have one more surgery, but it depends on how she heals.

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