Some apps that make life easier for women

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Ladies, life is already hectic enough. But isn't it awesome technology has ways to make it a lot easier ?

Buzzfeed has a list of the best apps for women.

Have you ever wanted a different hair color, but you were too nervous to try it out?

Well, the hair color booth allows you to take your picture. We took pics of 41 Action News anchor Christa Dubill who donned pink hair. The Now KC host and 41 Action News Weekend Anchor Lindsay Shively experimented with red hair, though the color came out looking a little orange. The Now KC Digital Producer Deborah Tuff tapped her inner-Barney with purple hair.

You can download the app for free. With that download you get six free colors. If you want more options, you can buy an upgraded version for $2.99.

We took a look at a second app called ShopSavvy . Creators say, "it's shopping made easier."
You download the app and create an account. ShopSavvy allows you to search search for items, look up categories like books or entertainment and even scan your grocery goods at a store to price match and see if the same thing is cheaper in your area.

Here's a full list of the Apps:

1. Clue
2. Period Tracker Lite
3. ShopSavvy
4. Gilt
5. Gilt City
6. FidMe
7. Snapguide
8. Toilet Finder
9. myPill
10. OPI Nail App
11. Hair Color Booth
12. Grocery gadget
13. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner
14. Nike Training Club
15. VSCO Cam
16. Square FX

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