Team USA goes green for Olympic Games

(CNN) - Team USA is going green.

Nike is outfitting the American team with environmentally-friendly uniforms for the games set to begin next month.

The basketball uniform Team USA will wear in London is white, but the concept is green.

"It's made out of 22 recycled bottles, the same drinking bottles that we all know of," Nike Global Creative Director Marin Lotti said.

The jersey is 50 percent lighter than the one used in the Beijing Olympics.
Nike says they took out the weight of a full soda can - usa on the front, the american flag on the back.

The basketball shoes will be embedded with sensors that let players know how high they jump.

"It tells you exactly when you make a dunk," Lotti said. "It's like 'Oh, you jumped 33 inches' or ‘22 inches,' live, directly transmitted to your cell phone, your smart phone."

The fuel bands measure your daily activity, calories burned and steps taken.

The redesigned marathon shoe is lighter than ever before.

It starts with a spool.

"It's like a sock that we are knitting the ground up," Lotti said.

It brings innovation not only to the elite athletes, but to the everyday athlete as well.

You can buy the Nike merchandise by the time the Olympics begin this summer.