Tips From Toby: Preventing lawn fungus

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It won't be long before the hot and humid temperatures will be here and with all the rain we've seen this Spring it's created a breading ground for fungus to spread all over the city. If you don't want to have your lawn destroyed by ugly disease it's time to take action right now.

You'll want to buy a systemic fungicide and apply it per instructions with a lawn spreader. Many of the fungi that you'll be attacking have already been growing for about two or three weeks and you'll also prevent some that will be growing over the next month.

Lawn fungus can spread quickly and will kill out your beautiful green lawn in a hurry. Since you can't seed in the Summer you'll be forced to wait until the Fall to re-seed, so this is an important step in keeping your lawn healthy.

Aside from excessive moisture and humidity the next big culprit in lawn disease is a dull mower blade. Blades should be sharpened every ten hours of use and with this wet Spring and tall grass they are getting dull quickly. A dull blade will not only promote lawn disease but it can spread fungus quickly. So stay sharp and even buy an extra blade to always have a sharp one handy.

Lawn diseases when they are active are easily spread when you mow. Never mow when the grass is wet and always make sure that your blade is sharp.

You'll need to get your systemic fungicide granules down as soon as possible and then apply again in about four weeks so pick up enough for two applications. Also, watering at night is the worst thing you can do during disease season. Watering should be done early in the morning so it has time to dry during the day. Excessive moisture sitting on your lawn all night is what can turn your lawn into a petri dish for fungus. So get your sprinkler system set now.

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