Toilets cleaner than dish cloths

Stomach churning research.

It's dirtier than your toilet - and you use it to eat. Startling statistics about your dishcloths.

Recently, a study shows dishcloths - you know what we use to wash our utensils -   may harbor E-Coli and other life-threating bacteria.

Here's are some interesting facts from a UK-based study.

90% of dishcloths have some of the highest levels of bacteria in the world -- that means your toilet handle is cleaner than your dishrag.

And if you had a dollar for the amount of bacteria found on the dishclothes - you'd be a billionaire. Because that's how much bacteria was found on the rags.
Here's where the study gets down-right disturbing. Of the dishclothes tested, 60 % were found to be tainted with e-coli.

"Pretty gross," One woman told our team. "But I'm totally guilty. I don't use a dishcloth but I use a sponge but I'm sure it's just as bad because I never ever change that thing."

And some people may not realize how much they're spreading germs. Folks use the rags to, not only wipe down dishes, but clean the counter. With the dish liquid on their hands - they touch food.
We took an informal survey and found dishcloth use split down the middle.

Some people are picky. They wash their rags every day or throw them out and buy new ones - each time. One KSHB Facebook follower says she refuses to use washcloths or sponges. Opting to use paper towels instead.

Other's methods are questionable. One guy told us he’ll wash his dish cloth. And continue to use it until it falls apart. 

Another lady says as long as her wash cloth doesn't stink, she uses it in her sink.

There are a handful of ways to sanitize your washcloths. A simple solution - boil it for 15 minutes and you should be good to go.

You can also switch to paper and plastic, or simply eat off your toilet. Besides, it is...more sanitary!


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