Local trainer at Southwest Boulevard Family Fitness Center preaches consistency

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Priscilla Allen hit bottom in January, 2003. She moved in with her parents after giving up on an 11-year relationship. She had been trying to eat her way out of her depression, and at 5 feet 6 inches tall, she topped the scales at 212 pounds.

She watched as family members she loved succumbed to secondary effects of obesity; diabetes and heart disease. Then, she decided to make some big changes.

With the support of Family Health Care staff, she began by paying more attention to her diet. She dropped over 80 pounds and 43 inches in a little more than a year and has kept it off for nine years.

Now she's a personal at Southwest Boulevard Family Health Care, overseeing the Big Changes program.

Her number one word to motivate clients is consistency.

"In the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word consistent is defined as continuing to happen or develop in the same way," explained Allen. "Even if the scales are not moving, your body and mind are still growing in the right direction because of the consistency in exercise. Our bodies start to decay when we stop moving and/or working."

She said that consistency is in exercise, nutrition and everyday function.

"Keeping a diet of healthier choices will keep our weight at a normal level," she said. "If we continue to eat junk, then it will consistently increase our weight. I'm not talking rocket science here, but basic knowledge."

The Big Changes program at Southwest Boulevard Family Fitness Center has five slots for people who need to lose in excess of 100 pounds. To find out more about the Big Changes program, visit Southwest Boulevard Family Care website, http://www.swbfhc.org / or call 813-722-3100.


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