Union Station hosts world premiere of Rock 'n' Roll exhibit

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The world premiere of The Science of Rock 'n' Roll exhibit officially opened Saturday night at
Union Station.
No other venue in the country has the traveling show.
It is an interactive experience that reveals details you never knew about music.  

When you enter the exhibit's bright lights and thunderous beat of rock 'n' roll, you do not have to know how to play music to feel like one visitor pounding the drums.

"I feel like a rock star!" the visitor said.

Visitors not only learn about the world's greatest musicians, but can become a rock star in the process.

Visitors can sing in front of a microphone, strum a guitar, hit the keyboard, learn about the science of sound and how famous songs are recorded one layer at a time.

"This is about how technology shaped rock - and made rock possible," director of content Alan Cross explained.

The Science of Rock 'n' Roll includes seven galleries that tell part of the history of both the music and the technology that shaped and defined the music.

The exhibit will be at Union Station until May.
Exhibits like this have helped put the iconic, bi-state funded building in the black for the fourth year in a row.

To find out more about The Science of Rock n Rock, log on to www.scienceofrocknroll.com

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