We asked, you answered: Worst Valentine's Day gifts ever

We asked our Facebook fans what was the worst Valentine's Day present you ever received, and you all answered in full force. Here are the top 10 horror stories that belong in the gift-giving Hall of Shame:

10) Kelli D. -- A card that said, "Missing You" it was intended for the other woman.

9) Jo T. -- A few years ago my hubby bought me roses from one of those tents that show up for Valentine's Day. It was so cold that year that when I opened the wrapping the blooms fell off and I was left with a dozen prickly stems.

8) Cindie A. -- I sent my ex a bag of cow poop for Valentine's Day one year. It came in a gift box and everything.

7) Margaret T. -- I got a Blue Pitcher and 6 glasses, he got them free from the hardware store he worked at. ????? I never understood his BLUE choice?????

6) Sharon A. -- My friend (girl) got a used pair of coveralls....in a brown paper bag....

5) Angi B. -- One boyfriend in high school gave me 2 gift cards from Kohl's. Sweet until I tried to use them. One was expired and the other had easily less than $2 on it. I believe we stopped dating a few months later.

4) Kristin T. -- O ne year my mom got a pool cue and she doesn't even play pool!

3) Tina C. -- My husband got me a red chainsaw.

2) Lauren B. -- We went out to dinner and I had a severe allergic reaction. He decided to finish his burrito and stop for ice cream on the way to the hospital. My face was swelled up all weekend.

And the worst Valentine's Day story is...

1) Christina A. -- A computer printer. That he promptly used to print out a 100 page walkthrough for a video game. It was out of ink before I even had the chance to print a term paper.

To read all the horrific gift submissions, go to KSHB.com/Facebook

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