Will AM radio be replaced by new technology in cars?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Lately, there's been some speculation that AM band radio will disappear. But are rumors of the death of AM grounded in fact or greatly exaggerated?

Most places around town don't seem too worried.

On the showroom floor at Randy Reed Buick these days, the cars are so high tech, even their buyers might not be aware of everything that their autos are capable of.

"There's so much technology in these cars ... it'll send an email to us whenever it's time for your car to have some kind of service work done. We probably know it before you do," salesman Eric Gentry explained.

If the thought of your car communicating with your dealer bothers you, maybe you can call an AM radio talk show to complain about it.

At least for now. The latest rumor regarding the demise of the AM band is that new cars will soon be sporting every possible feature -- except AM radio.

"You know that's news to me. We have not heard anything about that from the manufacturer," Gentry said.

At Sports Radio 810,(that's AM) they say they're doing just fine, thank you.

"We've reached an all-time high here. We've got more listeners than we've ever had. Now we go across multi-platforms, we're on line, people listen through mobile apps on their phones," said Sports Radio 810's Kevin Kietzman.

So cars without AM radio tuners don't seem to make any sense to anyone here. But even if it does happen, they're not worried.

"If we see cars that are built that have all kinds of technology in the dashboard that don't include AM radio, people are going to take their iPhone or their smartphone and they're going to download our app, put it through their dashboard," Kietzman said. "They're still going to be listening." 

And he points out, when a disaster like Hurricane Sandy hits, powerful AM signals like theirs cover more area and can be picked up by a car radio when the electricity is out.

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