Thanksgiving dinner: 10 points to cheaper trimmings in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The cost of Thanksgiving groceries can really add up.

Maureen Welsh with KC Strategic Shopping is helping you save this season.

Welsh specializes in helping shoppers get the best prices by using a 10-point system.

Effective price-matching is point No. 1.

"What I recommend is you save your price matching groceries last and for instance if the cashier picks up the 10 pound bag of potatoes you tell them this week it's 99 cents at Aldi instead of their 3.48 price and there you're saving almost 2 dollars and 50 cents."

Welsh will scour the advertisements for you and create a list of the best prices across the metropolitan area.

Step two is to get your scissors and start clipping those coupons.  While a few cents off may not seem like a lot, it adds up.  Welsh also says that combining coupons with low prices can sometimes get you the item for free.

Next, keep yourself organized with a Sales Book.  Welsh has lots of tips on what to put in the book including store policies and learning about their marketing techniques. 

And don't forget to watch your budget.  Staying on budget also helps you avoid those impulse buys.  Welsh recommends paying with cash, too.

Once you've budgeted out what you need and can afford, you're ready for step number 7.  Shop once a week.  It forces you to make deliberate shopping decisions that you should track in a Grocery Diary.

For more on Welsh's 10 points to cheaper shopping and the services she offers, visit

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