Angie's List: Boosting your cars value

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - We all enjoy having a clean car, but it's important to clean the exterior and interior regularly. Regular washing and waxing will preserve the paint. It will also clear away the road salt, tar and bugs that can eat away at the life of your coat of paint. That helps maintain the resale value.

Experts say you should wash your car every other week and wax each season.  It's also important to have your car detailed every 6 months.

An automotive detailer will help restore the cars interior.

"We actually get into a lot of intricate areas that a basic car wash wouldn't or maybe the average consumer wouldn't," detailer Roderick Darring explained. "Down in in the wheels, door jambs. We also can clean leather, treat the leather, keep it supple from hardening which just a regular car wash wouldn't do."

Angie's List founder Angie Hicks has tips for finding a good detailer.

"When hiring an auto detailer, you want to make sure you've got someone who is trustworthy, I mean let's face it you're giving them the keys to your car," Hicks said. "Additionally, you want to know what kind of experience they have and also what kind of products they are going to be using because you want to be sure they are using products that are good for your car."

Detailing could cost you over $100 depending on the kind of package.

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