Angie's List: Giving the gift of massage therapy this Mother's Day

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Massage therapy can be a great option for someone who needs to relieve stress and also for someone in pain. Swedish and deep tissues are the most common massages, but there are many techniques available today, including some that increase flexibility.

Angie’s List says if you are not familiar with massage therapy; ask questions to be sure you are comfortable with the service.

“A massage can be a great way to pamper your mom this Mother’s Day, but be sure it’s going to be something she is going to want to do and is comfortable with,” said Angie Hicks. “The last thing your mom is going to tell you is you wasted money. She probably won’t be comfortable and she’ll just throw the certificate in the drawer and never talk about it.”

Massage might not be ideal for anyone with health problems. If you are considering a gift of massage for Mom, make sure she checks first with her doctor. And while most states require massage therapist to be licensed, Angie’s List says there are a handful of states that do not. Ask what level of education or testing they have acquired.

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