Angie's List: Staying cool this summer & caring for your air conditioner

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The best way to keep your family cool in the air conditioning is to keep up with maintenance, especially with older units. 

HVAC contractor Curt Hicks said older AC units tend to break down easier and more often.

“To catch something minor that could turn into something major, like low on Freon, maybe ruin your compressor. It’s much better to catch a minor problem then it is to wait until later and have a major problem,” Hicks said.

One way Hicks suggests staying in front of a problem is by getting an agreement with air conditioning companies where you pay an annual fee and have them come work on your unit each year.

Also keep the rule of 5,000 in mind when paying to get your AC fixed. If the cost to fix it times the number of years you have on it is more than 5,000, you should just replace it. 

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