Angie's List: Ways to weed out your child care options

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's almost back-to-school time and choosing a child care provider is a big decision.

Most importantly, you want to know your child is going to be safe and secure when you're not around.
Angie's List has tips to find quality child care.

"You need to start your search for child care much earlier than you probably even imagine," says Angie's Lists' Angie Hicks. "About the time that you're telling all your family members that you are expecting is really when you should start looking for child care because there's likely going to be a wait list."

Angie also says finding someone to car for your child is probably one of the most difficult decisions that a parent makes. You want to make sure that you've got your child in a loving, safe environment.

But in a recent Angie's list poll, 20 percent of the respondents didn't even check whether their child care provider was licensed or had the proper credentials and that is something you must do.

Before you start calling around, create a list of qualifications. Decide what qualities are important, including the skills you want the caregivers to have and their level of education and experience.

Once you start the interview process, have your children be there to see how they interact.

After you have found quality child care, your job is not done.

Spend a few minutes each day to talk with your caregiver about your child.

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