Finding the right bike for you

It's the first day of summer and time to get out and enjoy Kansas City! With gas prices going through the roof, why not hop on a bike? 

There are tons of bicycles to choose from, so finding the right fit can be tricky.

Angie Hicks from Angie's List has some suggestions.

"Getting for for a bike is just like getting fit for a pair of shoes," she said. "You wouldn't want high heels to play sports so you should make sure you have the right bike for your type of riding. For example, if you're going to be riding your bike mostly in the city, a mountain bike is not the bike for you."

Angie's List recommends factoring in maintenance when choosing a bike. A tune-up starts around $50 but can cost more depending on the type of bike. 

If you're a casual rider, you only need a tune-up everyone other year or two.

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