Boulevard offers refunds on 3 batches of Chocolate Ale with 'unwanted flavor'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Clint Frazee wasn't going to miss out on Boulevard's Chocolate Ale this year after not getting to sample last year's batch.

"I stayed in line for about an hour and fifteen minutes. The long awaited Chocolate Ale is wheeled in. It goes straight from the truck to the counter."

Frazee saved his bottle till last night -- a Valentine's Day treat. He said he noticed a bit of a contrast from the Chocolate Ale he had previously had on tap.

"There were some differences but I never thought anything of it."

But Boulevard thought something of it and released a video .

In the video, Brewmaster Steven Pauwels said, "Some of the batches of Chocolate Ale have unwanted flavors that we really did not anticipate to have in the beer."

Founder John McDonald followed stating: "We're offering a refund on anyone who purchased the one, two and three batches of the Chocolate Ale."

Local liquor store owners said Jan. 31 was unlike any other day in their history, now they wait to see what the impact will be on them.

"So we're all trying to get all the details of what is going to happen. I would imagine it's not going to affect us a bit. I would imagine that Boulevard is going to handle everything internally," said Berbiglia owner Jack Bondon.

Boulevard said the batches are safe to drink. They may only have an undesirable flavor. Frazee said the proactive action only reinforces his opinion of the company.

"I think it says a lot about Boulevard. They are a great company. They are committed to the Kansas City community. And they have a great product."

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