Businesses feel the heat while waiting for cooler weather

Some are doing well, others need cooler temps

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Most of us wouldn't want to spend our days installing roofs when it's 100 degrees. Travis Lowe, a foreman with Larry Vaught Roofing, said it's all in a day's work.

"We work a couple of hours and we take us a 10-15 minute break, then we go back to it for another couple of hours," Lowe said.

Lowe and his crew of four spend their days going from job to job, and stay busy every day. It may be uncomfortable, but they don't really mind.

"It's great for us now because we're getting to work all the time and we ain't sitting at home because it's raining," Lowe said.

This summer has had the opposite effect at Gram & Dun on the Plaza. Manager Brian Wilson said many Plaza restaurants are feeling the heat.

"It really keeps people off the patio and everyone basically goes inside, and we kind of lose 70 seats out here," Wilson said.

They say dinner on the weekends fills every seat inside. A few brave souls take their chances outside, going for things like salads and cold water.

Wilson knows outdoor seating is a seasonal thing, and they hope to fill their patio soon.

"We didn't quite expect it to be this long, but we do also know that come September, October, November, it'll be the same as it was in the spring," Wilson said.

If you think you need a lot of water, try keeping a nursery full of plants ready to sell. The crews at Soil Service near Gregory and Troost have definitely had their hands full.

Manager Matthew Archer said people have been focused on keeping their lawns healthy.

"Plant sales were a little off because of the heat," he said. "People just didn't want to get outside and do the gardening that they usually do in July."

This is the time they normally switch to plants for fall, which they said can't come soon enough.

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