Chocolate makers prepare for Valentine's Day rush

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Chocolate makers across the country got an early start Friday morning preparing for the annual Valentine's Day rush.

At Andre's Confiserie Suisse on the Country Club Plaza, the staff started cranking out treats at 3 a.m.

Third generation owner Rene Bollier said this is one of the busiest days of the year because last-minute shoppers will rush in without placing orders. In anticipation of the increased demand, Bollier has his team making a variety of treats in advance.

From hours before the sun comes up to nearly lunch time, workers will make chocolate assortments, truffles, cakes, cookies, pastries, tiramisu, heart shape shells and many more sweet treats.

The store's most popular item is its chocolate covered almonds.

"We'll make about 400 pounds today," Boiller said. "And he we probably won’t have any left over."

Shoppers picking up a chocolate treat for their Valentine may have to pay a little extra because of the rising price of cocoa. 

Economist Chris Butler said the two things contributing to the price increase is a drop in supply from exporters in Ghana and the Ivory Coast and a spike in demand from countries in Asia that are developing a growing interest in chocolate treats.

"You got on an increase in demand, you've got a reduction in supply any time you see that, you see the price go up," Butler said. "So the price of cocoa is going up that translates unfortunately into a higher price of chocolate for you and me on Valentine's Day."

Bollier said he has a set contract with his supplier and his prices are locked in for at least the next year.

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