City leaders host stroll along proposed streetcar route

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - City leaders are trying to drum up support for a proposed streetcar line with a "streetcar stroll."

Wednesday morning, KCMO City Council members led a walk along the proposed streetcar route.

The group met at Third & Grand in the River Market area.

The proposed line would go south from the market a couple of miles to Crown Center.

This summer, downtown residents will vote on the project.

The first vote would be whether to form a special transportation taxing district along the proposed route.

If that's successful, then a second vote would take place on the actual amount of the tax.

Those will be mail-in votes, and the process of registering for those votes has already started. Downtown residents who want to vote must apply for a ballot by May22 at the 16th Circuit Court , which is running the election.

Some property owners have been speaking out against the proposed project, because the tax would be concentrated just in the downtown area.

It could be a huge bill for companies that own a lot of land or large buildings downtown.

And property owners who don't live downtown would not be eligible to vote, only residents.

The city also hopes to get a $25 million federal grant- that would pay about a quarter of the start up costs.

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