City of Leawood fires back at Hy-Vee

LEAWOOD, Kan. - The city of Leawood is firing back at Hy-Vee over the closing of the grocery store off 122nd and State Line.
Hy-vee claims the city didn't green light plans to remodel or rebuild.
But in a letter to residents,  Mayor Peggy Dunn said that's not true.
"Hy-Vee never submitted any plans to remodel or to build a new store on State Line Road,” Dunn writes. “Thus, we have not denied any plans for that location, since we have never seen any plans."
Hy-Vee did submit plans to build a new store at 135th and Roe.
Mayor Dunn reiterated that those plans are pending during a 90-day planning moratorium for the 135th Ctreet Corridor.

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