Family-run hardware store closes its door with 'ribbon tying' ceremony

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - After 92 years, the three generation-ran family business of Goodman Hardware at 12th and Brooklyn will close its doors.

The first store was opened by Jack Goodman at 511 East 18th Street. Today his son, Myron Goodman, 86, sat and watched as his two sons made some of the final sales.

Larry and Robert Goodman ran the store more recently as Myron kept the books from home.

The family, along with representatives from Kansas City, held a ceremony they called a "ribbon tying." In the spirit of celebration, they all tied a ribbon in front of the store to recognize Myron Goodman's retirement and the store's final days.

They will continue to sell items at huge discounts until the end of the month.

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