Hostess deadline come and gone with no decision about contract changes or liquidation

Employees still on strike

LENEXA, Kan. - Enough is enough, said Hostess employees, nearly one week after first hitting the picket line, protesting what they call unfair contract changes.

"Almost $200 a week they're asking back from us," Carol Mitchell said.

The $200 comes from an 8-percent salary cut, along with Hostess reducing its pension obligations and contribution to the employee health care plan.

"They want us to work harder, and get paid less," Barry Brown said. "We can't do that no more."

Fred Shoals agreed.

"I ain't asking for nothing else, just leave what I got alone," he said. "Put back my pension, and leave my pay alone."

Very few employees have crossed back over the line since the strike began.

Those who continue to fight for what they believe is right know at some point they may not have a future at Hostess, but said that may be for the best.

"We're going to bring in more money on unemployment than what they're going to pay us now," Mitchell said.

"I hope I can find something better, where people appreciate what I do," Shoals said.  "I never want to work for a company like this ever again."

Three of the 33 Hostess plants across the country have closed this week.

Liquidation of the company would cost about 18,000 jobs.

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