Missouri Senator grills General Motors

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill leads the charge against General Motors Thursday.

Besides grilling GM CEO Mary Barra -- lawmakers also grilled the guy in charge of making those defective ignition switches. McCaskill wanted to know why GM's lead lawyer wasn't fired for allowing the company to sweep so much under the rug.

“How in the world, in the aftermath of this report, did Michael Millikin keep his job?" She asked. "I do not understand how the general counsel for a litigation department that had this massive failure of responsibility, how he would be allowed to continue in that important leadership role in this company?"

28.5 million GM vehicles have been recalled so far. That's about 3 times the combined populations of Kansas and Missouri.

Want a further breakdown? That's about:

  • One car for every person who watched this year's Grammy Awards.
  • 8 % of the passenger vehicles registered in the U.S.
  • Every 11th car you pass in on your commute.

2014 has already broken the record for most automotive recalls. The previous record was set in 2004, when over 33 million vehicles were recalled.

We've already beat that with more than 39 million and we're only half way through the year.

With all these recalls where can you go to find out if your vehicle is safe? Go HERE to find out.

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