Competition offers entrepreneurs chance to help breast cancer research

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's all about competition, but this time, it's for a good cause!

Avon has launched a competition to allow entrepreneurs a chance to take breast cancer research ideas and turn them into actual treatments.

A panel of scientists has picked ten ideas they believe could be turned into marketable treatments for women with breast cancer.

Teams of college entrepreneurs from across the country will take the ideas, create a business plan, and pitch it to companies and investors.

The hope is the ideas will eventually be turned into actual products and cures for breast cancer.

"The scientists are awesome; they know the science really, really well. It's just a matter of getting all the people at the table together to bring that invention forward," said Rosemarie Truman, Founder and CEO for the Center for Advancing Innovation.

The scientists started with 4,000 ideas and narrowed them down to only ten.

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