Attorney General Chris Koster suing Walgreens for deceptive pricing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster announced Tuesday that he has filed a lawsuit against pharmacy Walgreens for deceptive pricing.

The civil lawsuit was filed against the Illinois-based company for engaging in false, misleading and deceptive advertising and pricing schemes, according to Koster's announcement.

Koster's office said in June and July, the AG's office made undercover visits to eight locations in five cities across Missouri, including Kansas City. Out of 205 purchases, 43 had price discrepancies from the displayed price to the checkout price.

"Consumers have a right to expect the price they will pay at the register is the same as the price displayed on the shelf," Koster said in a news release.  "The sheer volume of tags on the shelves makes it nearly impossible to recall the details of each offer.  Consumers should not have to double-check the price tags or signage and compare them to the prices charged at the register."

Walgreens Corporate Media Relations released a statement on Tuesday saying:

"We have a 112-year history of acting in our customers' best interests, and that will continue to be our focus. While we won't comment on the complaint itself, we were disappointed and disagree with the attorney general's comments. However, we are prepared to have a constructive dialogue about the issues he raised and address any appropriate concerns."

Koster's lawsuit is asking for an injunction to stop the deceptive pricing. Koster's office says any consumers who have evidence of deceptive pricing and Walgreens or other retails should call 1-800-392-8222.

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