7 ways to keep cooling costs down this summer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When you return home, you usually adjust the thermostat soon after walking through the front door.  But if the temperature inside your home never drops, you know you have a problem.

For many homeowners, the first sign of AC trouble hits in excessive heat like the Kansas City metro area is experiencing this week. 

Air conditioning repairmen now scramble to answer service calls and fix home cooling systems.

Experts recommend a routine maintenance on your home's cooling system as a way to keep cooling costs down.  Also, avoid cranking down the temperatures when you return home.

"If you normally put your thermostat on 72 and you come home and put it on 52, it's not going to cool any quicker," Gary King of Anthony Cooling said, "It's going to run longer and use more energy."

Here are other recommendations from Anthony Cooling to help you keep your AC costs down this summer:

1)    Set thermostat to a high but comfortable level. Keeping your indoor temperatures closer to outdoors will help lower overall cooling costs.

2)    Consider a whole house dehumidifier. Lower humidity levels indoors will help you feel cooler.

3)    Avoid placing TV's or lamps close to the thermostat.

4)    Insulate and seal air leaks to keep cool air inside and humid air out.

5)    Move furniture and drapes away from air registers.

6)    Shut off basement supply registers. This will help keep cooler air upstairs.

7)    If AC unit is over 12-years-old, consider replacing it with a new energy efficient model.

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