AT&T makes 'substantial progress' restoring landline phone service in Northland

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - AT&T said it is making "substantial progress" restoring phone service to an area in the northland.  The phone company said a Google Fiber crew damaged a cable over the weekend which knocked out phone service. There has been no word on the number of customers affected by this.  

In a statement released Tuesday, the phone company said, "Service has been restored for many of the impacted customers and technicians will continue working around the clock until the damage is fully repaired, which we anticipate could be as early as tonight (Tuesday)."

Jenny Haggard contacted Call for Action after discovering her parent's phone line did not work.  The elderly couple needs a landline phone for health reasons.

"Makes me a little nervous to go to bed and have nothing. No way to call anybody or to get out," Jenny’s mother Mary Haggard said.

AT&T said the Google Fiber crew damaged an AT&T cable under Vivion Road.  On Monday, the company stated, "The location of the damage under a busy thoroughfare impacts our restoration timeline and we are working through requirements, including needed permits, for completing the repair work. We apologize for this inconvenience."

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