Avoid Mother's Day disaster when ordering online

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A warning from the Better Business Bureau: don't get scammed when ordering online for Mother's Day. Consumer groups like the BBB warn to proceed with caution when ordering online.  

“Flowers By Design" has been in business in Brookside for years. Owner Ruth Dimond recommends to always try to order from a local shop.

"I think the main thing is to call it in yourself. Tell them what you want or don't want instead of just calling up and ordering something," Dimond said.   

You can check out a florist on the Better Business Bureau website. 

  1. The BBB also recommends making sure the florist has your contact information, to help with delivery instructions.
  2. Ask about guarantees and get a receipt. Always ask about the refund policy if the delivery is late or doesn't arrive.
  3. Allow time for shipping and delivery.
  4. Have a backup plan and understand the store's guarantee and refund policy if the delivery doesn't make it on time. 

It's best to use a credit card when ordering online. That way you can dispute charges if the florist doesn't come through.

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