Avoid turning Black Friday into the January blues

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Black Friday can easily lead to the January blues of being over extended on credit card debt.

"When those credit card statements come in in January, what's that going to mean to your budget?" said Jana Castanon with Apprisen. 

Castanon says she sees many people who are paying down debt they accumulated last holiday season. 

"After you realize the interest that you are paying because you cannot pay it off immediately, is that really a good deal?" she asks. 

Castanon reminds us of the price you pay when overspending.

When a credit card is not paid in full each month, new purchases begin to rack up interest immediately. Late fees can lead to you paying higher interest rates on credit cards. Credit card debt can spill over into other areas, making it harder to rent an apartment, get a cell phone, even find a job.

Her best advice is to prioritize.  Decide what you want to spend money on, decide how much to spend and stick to it. 


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