BBB warns about bogus check scam targeting the elderly

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's a common scam, but with a twist: a bogus check that’s made to fool people into thinking it’s legit is hitting mailboxes in the metro. 

Harold and Janet Zenitsky of Kansas City got one recently. The letter states Liberty Financial Services out of Los Angeles is notifying the recipient that they have won $355,000.  Along with the letter is a check for $4,650.  The person is supposed to cash the check, send in $3,850 for a processing fee and keep the rest. 

Janet Zenitsky didn’t fall for it.

“It was a big scam,” she said.

The Kansas City Better Business Bureau recently issued this scam alert about these letters. The scam targets the elderly.  On the blog, people from across the country commented after receiving the letters.

One person wrote, “This scam has now reached Pennsylvania as well. All details are identical except the check is issued under the name of Aetna Life Insurance Company.”

If you receive one, do not cash it. 

The Zenitsky’s wanted to warn others about it.

“Be leery when you open up something like that. Send it to somebody. Let them see it," Janet said.

The FTC offers a lot of information about check scams, including who is responsible for payment of a bad check; you or your bank.

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